Already past midday here,everyone has been up for as long as i can remember.Some who came in late last night from different engagements are just getting up, stretching on their beds and asking if it’s morning already.Those who have been up are almost getting done with washing,cleaning arranging and bathing.Lest i forget eating too.There is hardly any Saturday morning anybody would agree to get busy without food or the hope of it.Playing all sorts of weird songs is also part of the morning,old country music,classic,jazz,r&b too.

Well for some,the day is just starting.Some still have to go to the market today,quite a busy day Saturday,it is known that days like it end up leaving you with so many memories,good or otherwise.In some Nigerian cities,secondary school students either wash their school uniforms today,or set out to play football,or run errands.It is the only time of the week when they have much time to themselves, Saturday nights are usually for watching movies,or doing home works,or getting themselves ready for Monday,a vast majority which i was part of left this part for Sunday night,sometimes Monday morning.I vividly remember all.

Today another Saturday,with all its own packages.Some already got their’s others,yet to.It is definitely someones anniversary today,either marriage,engagement,birthday,relationship,whatever. Today someone or two people are happy,or are supposed to be happy for their achievements for sometime now.Today some people get angry because they feel they are being played,lied to,cheated on.Today memories are created,friends call their friends and they don’t pick up,others pick anyways.Lots of surprises come today,but for me,i hate surprises.But then,it’s a Saturday!!!.



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