So many times,and in so many situations i have come face to face situations that need or needed decision making,either big or small.But this is what i have learnt from those times is,..decisions we make now no matter the situations,no matter the circumstance goes a long way in affecting us and people around us.Some make  decisions based on how hurt,how inspired,how motivated they were at the time when the decisions were needed.Daily we make decisions,of careers,spouses,almost everything.

Decisions we make in life,take us in different paths,much later we always stop to think,If we’d made the other choice, what would’ve happened?.Becoming aware of the choices you make on a daily basis is the first step to creating change in your life. When you recognize that you are about to make a choice – ask yourself this question:

Is this choice leading me toward or away from my ideal life?

So often we know what we want for our future, and we can’t figure out why we never seem to get any closer to our dreams. It’s because of the choices we are making on a daily basis that are not moving toward that vision. We are looking for instant gratification and seeing life in the small picture rather than putting aside our wants and desires in the short-term to make sure we reach our long-term dreams and visions.

One harmful choice usually leads to another and another…

But the opposite is also true! One positive choice leads to another and another…
This means that if we are conscious of our choices and make sure they are in line with the vision we have for our future, we will be right on pace to reach our dreams!
So let’s first visualize the lives we want to live.
And then let’s make sure we are consciously making choices that lead us closer to this life.
And soon enough we will see that we are living our ideal life and reaching all of our dreams!



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