As a little boy,growing up has not been without memories and experiences.From home to school,everywhere was a venue for creating memories.Sometimes now i remember those days, and i am happy.Happy because those times were so educative and fun,for me and for every other person who remembers.

I remember vividly a song i always heard in church then “HIGHER GROUND”,the first line was “i am pressing on the upward way,new heights i am gaining everyday “.Now i am thinking that line is so true and so needed today.The world over today,we see people who have been knocked down  by life,people who have been battered by so many circumstances or people who are being discouraged from their goals by so many factors.Life is no bed of roses,but whatever it gives us we handle and move on.

When things are difficult and life uphill,do not look too far ahead or back,just keep going on.One thing is certain,that is inch by inch the road will shorten,when you stand and do no work on going the upward way,you get stuck in self-pity and many other things.It is always tough,but soon rough times will be past and gone,and sooner than you realize,the tedious climb will be over.You would find yourself triumphant at the top.Pressing on the upward way is not without hardship and pains,but rich rewards comes at last.Keep on pushing,keep on pressing up ahead.Maybe slow,but be steady.



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