So often,we find ourselves in some situations that we do not even know how we got to be in,even the ones we put ourselves in.At these times a lot of things go through our minds,we think we would have done better.Truth is whatever we think at that point in time,the deed is already done and we can do nothing about it or wait,we actually can,we can own up and clean the mess we made.

In the times of Adam and Eve,two questions were thrown to Adam by God.First,who told you that you were naked?,second have you eaten of the tree whereof  i commanded you not to eat?.The man Adam did not answer any of these,instead Adam tried to justify what he had done by blaming it on the woman Eve.Adam said the woman you gave to be with me,she gave me of the tree,and i ate.Now,the blame game.

I could  be a better father but they always disobey me.I could be a better husband but my wife nags.I could be a better student,but my friends make me do things.A long list,but in as much as there are factors,the blame line did not work for Adam,it would not work for you.The problems in your life may not be the fault of someone else,It is your responsibility.Deal with yourself.And maybe,just maybe you will find that those you have been blaming are not close to the problem



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