It is actually a thing of pain to anybody who has gone through growing up with a father who seems to care less.The importance of fatherly love and care,can not be over emphasized .For anyone who thinks you have to be beat to be abused,i think you should have a rethink.Now,stories.

 My dad is a horrible,terrible man,always criticizing,never apologizing,never grateful.Being around him is  like walking in a room full of snakes at night,you do not know when one would bite.I can never tell him anything because he would just make me look stupid,the man was full of pain as he told this.Fathers your sons want you to appreciate them,let them know you care.They may take the shape you give them now,come on show some emotions!!!.

Another 49-year-old man,with children recounts his days with his father.My father always made me look stupid in front of people,he always talks ill of me,he never encouraged me in any way,anytime it was like i was getting something right,my dad would just say keep it up son,and that was it,i felt so threatened,and alone.Now i feel better thanks to my wife and a group of other important people in my life.

Fathers you can do better than this,these are not so funny tales.Your sons are hurting,heal them.Today someone said to me,i love my dad.When that statement landed,i marveled,not because it is a strange thing to love fathers,but because of the courage the person had to say it.Fathers we sons love you all we need is just a chance to prove our worth to you.



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