A day a vast number of students wake up late,a vast number of other people anyways.Some years ago a Saturday was the day i always dreaded.Where i was born,every Saturday was very significant,still is to me and so many other people.I had a friend who always said every Saturday was full of chores.But the funny thing is,the evening of every Saturday is always memorable as everywhere looks nice and smells nice too.You feel happy that you did a great job by the end of the day.

Now,if we want to draw Saturday to our daily living,it is almost same thing.Sometimes we are faced with so much that we wake up tired because we know what awaits us,yet if we face that thing with all we have got,we would have the end of a Saturday,where and when all things become well.I remember a particular Saturday i was deep in work until around 4.55pm some 3 years ago.That day was fulfilling,i still talk about it now.This is what i mean,give whatever stage you are in now your best,so that tomorrow it becomes a story of encouragement.

I often ask myself and whoever cares to listen,why all the fuss about Saturday?I cannot forget to add that in someplace in Africa Saturday is also set aside specifically for marriage ceremonies.Well this is not done in Africa alone,it is a worldwide practice.Then again in the evening after the party,the couple make memories.Saturday is full of lessons such as,PAY NOW PLAY LATER.AS YOU MAKE YOUR BED SO YOU LIE ON IT.You deduce your own and let it work for you.It is a Saturday!!!.



2 thoughts on “IT IS A SATURDAY!!!

  1. A fact,jokingly stated…this is so true about Saturdays,i remember the Saturday before my sister got married,what a funny experience.And really we should give our best to the phase we find ourselves in.Nice

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