Fathers,so many of your sons are now what you were to them,to their own sons.To them you were a father figure not a father,to them you were a ghost who only needs them to run errands,to them you were terror so much so that whenever you were coming home everybody pretends to be asleep ,so instead of respecting you they feared you,and hated you.They could not tell you because you would have terrorized them as you were fond of doing.

Fathers when these sons needed something,they had to go through their mothers,their mothers in turn would come to you hoping for the best.Fathers the only time in the bible a child was related to the mother was when Jesus was on the cross.All the other times it is always,sons listen to your fathers,sons take heed to your fathers warnings,sons keep attention to your fathers words,then again we see that a wayward son is shame to the mother,but a successful son is glory to the father.Yet you leave your sons to their mothers while you act tough and all bossy.

Fathers your sons now lack the basic principles of fathering their own sons because you did not teach them.Some of your sons now do not know what it takes to be men because the men in their lives failed in their duties.Fathers you were too interested in being the heads of your homes forgetting that for there to be a head,there must be a lower office.You were consumed by the office of the head of the house,that you did not even notice  when your families were hurting.

Oh fathers,to some of your sons you were nothing but the devil personified,these sons find it difficult going through life now because you did not lay the foundation for them.Fathers you were too busy making sure they all got to church forgetting that you were the church they look up to.What now for your sons whom you have caused troubles,how do they come around?Sometimes i wonder why there is no popular song for the fathers as there is for the mothers..Everybody does not want to miss mothers day,a few remember fathers day.



2 thoughts on “COUNT THE WAYS 2

  1. Oh yea,some fathers should read this.They should see how they have ruined the lives of their sons so much that these sons feel nothing but hate right now.

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