Frank Ngozi Isoh,may not be known by so many,not until now maybe.He is the Nigerian Ambassador to Ukraine,he has advised  Nigerians to stop STUDYING IN UKRAINE!!!.Did i shout that?,o yea i did sorry.Mr Frank said that Nigerians have the problem of discrimination and language problems as English is not the official language in Ukraine.

In a recent report,Ambassador Isoh said that Nigerians do not get enough when it comes to studies with the English language.He went ahead to advise that any student who is already in the country should endeavor to learn the local language for better training.

Quick to spot this,Mr Ambassador we applaud you.Yet we ask how long before we get news on Olaolu Femi,the young Nigerian that was,or would i say is,facing life imprisonment in Ukraine.The court hearing of the case continues on the 17th of this month.The advice of the ambassador has been met with mixed feelings.Some students believe it was a careless statement.



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