A friend of mine once said,you do not drown by falling into an ocean,you drown by staying there.When we may not see it coming,life gives us blows that may at times bring us all the way down to our knees.Now,it is not all about how hard you were hit,it is about the willingness to keep it going in spite of the obstacles and challenges life throws us.

What happens to you does not describe you,how you react to what happens to you is what describes you.When you get hit,what do you do?.Do you just stay down and nurse your wounds,or do you reach down,inside of you,for that which makes you strong?.Always remember,you do have a choice.You can decide to MOVE!!!.

So many people do not seem to get on,because they never forget the past.Forget regret,whatever must have happened is in the past now,give yourself a gift of forgiveness and keep moving forward those things do not define you,you are way stronger,and better than them.Have your ever asked yourself why the windscreen of a car is usually big,and the rear view mirror small?Simple the future is more important than the past.



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