And so it is.

                         I was awakened by a call from someone dear to my heart at exactly 12.00am today,happy birthday dear the voice said then I realized that I AM GETTING OLDER.I miss the years when things were easier,the years mum,dad,and my siblings had to do whatever I want.I miss the years of  stubbornness and corrections.I miss waiting for results,now I have to go make the results to get them.I miss those years not because I want them back,no.I miss those years because they made me what I am today.I miss those years because they taught me.I miss those years because they showed me the ups and downs of life.Those years brought me through pains,disappointments,sorrows,gains.In those years I grew.I grew in stature,i grew in wisdom.

Today I was celebrated by family,friends,fellow students.I can not express the joy I felt because of the kind of love I received today.My friend and brother would always say something he heard from a movie.He would say,my family is my life.I thank God for my family,they have just been too good.Mum,i still insist that you are the best.Words are yet to be invented to describe you ma.Dad,you still remain a role model,a man of principles.All my siblings sorry I am not going to call you by names.You guys are just what my life needs.My friends,i thank you a lot.In a foreign land away from home you remembered me.Friends from Nigeria,Belarus,and Ukraine,what love you guys showed me.The calls,the texts,and even facebook messages.To God,my Father You reign supreme.Thank You Sir for all the years past,thank You for all the years that lie ahead,You never cease to amaze me.



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