Fathers,you all got to take your sons personal.A lot of people are going to say how personal,i say  as personal as you took their moms while you were making them boys.Come on,why all the bossy character when you want to deal with your own son,it is not like he is a stranger,he is your blood.

Fathers,some of your sons are dying today because you did not give them a chance.Fathers some of your sons are hurting because you would not hear them out.Fathers some of your sons are in crisis because you were too busy to be there for them when they needed you most.Fathers some of your sons can not talk to you or trust you because you were busy making yourselves strict that they forgot you were their fathers they thought of you as a disciplinary checkpoint.

Fathers is there something your sons did to annoy you?.A crime they committed maybe?Whatever did they do?.Why do you not have time for them?.Why do you think they are all bad?come to think about it,it is your responsibility to make sure they do not turn bad.What was the wrongdoing of your sons?.

Fathers,i know a little way you can end all the uneasiness and get things straight,,do not get too rushy now,you will get it at a later date,for now your sons need you around.See ya.



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