In END PRODUCT a post i made sometime ago,i shared  the stories of  3 Nigerian students 2 of which died in Malaysia and 1 still in a Ukrainian prison.Then i was thinking those stories would be the end of the sufferings of Nigerian students abroad,i thought wrong.

On the 19th day of September 2012 Peter Okeke  at about 11am in kuala lumpur,Malaysia met his death.Peter Okeke,a graduate of Banking and Finance with a second class honors from the Abia state university  Nigeria decided that Malaysia was the place to advance his intellectual capabilities,thus he was in Malaysia.

Peter jumped out of  his apartment,which was on the fourth floor of his building out of fear and uncertainty as some Malaysian immigration officers raided the area,they broke into his apartment like they did to others in virtually all the blocks housing predominantly Nigerians arresting people,using electric shock truncheons.

Peter fell on a concrete slab,while he showed decline in strength the officers around got a pillow and placed his head on it and continued the raid leaving Peter to his fate.When he was eventually taken to the hospital,the young Nigerian was not able to make it,this was about 2hours after he fell.Yet another Nigerian dead…



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