52 years of existence,52 years of pain and glory,52 years of unity in diversity,52 years we have stayed,lived,and celebrated.The country is Nigeria,and the continent is Africa.On the 1st of October in the year 1960,Nigeria got her independence from colonial masters.A memorable day indeed it was. A country with over 250 ethnic groups,a nation with over 160 million people,Nigeria.Located in the western part of Africa is the most populated nation in the continent,enriched with both human and mineral resources has been able to carve a niche for herself in the world. Today the 1st of October 2012 Nigeria celebrates her 52nd year of Independence amidst series of political,ethical,and even security challenges.Today,many writer,activists,politicians,clergymen,even citizens would attempt to analyze the situation in the country currently.Many foreign experts too would attempt a go at the country and her affairs over the last 52 years. Be it as it may,Nigerians the world over today commemorate this great day.Some students union too,in Gomel a state in Belarus,Nigerian students of Gomel State Medical University are going to be taking charge of the city with activities,marking this memorable day.It is so in so many places where Nigerians are today. Good people Great nation.To Nigerians out there,i wish you all a happy independence day celebration. NSUDE,Chukwuebuka



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