Daddy i want some money for new materials the boy says,i would see what to do about it daddy responds looking up,in another instance,daddy gives the money immediately.I ask,what happened the first time?,simple daddy did not have the money then,so he could not give it.

Just a little,no! shouted the boy on his friend,you can not have it,it is not mine she left it under my care so I do not have the right to give it to you,much later the girl comes back and gives ownership to the boy,so now he is able to give it to his friend.

I am in trouble Jude,his friend says.What is the problem Jude replies,I share a room with some guy and I do no longer wish to stay with him,he has a bad attitude and i can not put up with his excesses anymore his friend says,Jude just stares…Why? it is probable Jude does not have anything to say to his friend,he does not have the words,so he does not say them.

              Many a time,people do not do  what we expect them to do,this is not because they can not,but because they lack the means,inasmuch as there are some who do not because they do not want to,now this is where i choose to define the IT in the header.

Now,the three stories above shows a case where three different people really do not have what the others need,now the IT here,is the absence of what is needed,in a different case,some people have it,but can not give it,that changes the concept of it for them.For them it now becomes the absence of  pity.

So many people have not been able to give what they do not have at a moment in time,to be able to give it,money,moral support,accommodation,anything at all,you must have it,or have an idea of how to get it…TO GIVE IT,YOU MUST HAVE IT…




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