How controversial they get.

                            So many things possess immense powers.Power to control,power to propel,power to motivate,power to impress,power to compel,you name it,in all positivity should be the end product of all the ends met by these powers.Not a thing of surprise that i am still talking about movies.

                           It is not just a religious thing targeted at a particular people,some movies,,but for reasons best known to some people,they make history out of these releases.I call it the power of  visual messages.People young and old,white or black,rich or poor tend to give more attention to what they can see to what is written or narrated.

                             The movie ZOOLANDER released in the year 2001,is still banned in Malaysia because it showcases the country as a corrupt country whose trade with western fashion houses was based on child labour….In 1998 French fundamentalists firebombed a Paris cinema showing the movie THE LAST TEMPTATION OF CHRIST because: The temptation, as Jesus (Willem Dafoe) sees a visitation of a normal life, which includes making love to Mary Magdalene (Barbara Hershey).To mention but a few.

                                The power of visual messages has no bounds,sometime last week i saw some clips from the movie making rounds in the Muslim world now,in the next post i would say something on that,but until then,do not forget that anything visual more times than none has the power to do so many things to a people,a system,a nation,a family,a life,and even a belief.Still on movies…



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