A drop of blood.

               I saw a movie yesterday,but was not able to see it to the end.In the movie i saw,so many realities were acted out.The writer i must say took his time,the actors,excellent.I started relating that movie to a lot of things,a wide range of things,and i found out that they matched.Some movie stories are fictitious,while others actually depict our societies.

               A lot of power they possess,these movies a whole lot of personal twists and turns.In subsequent posts,we would understand what i mean.Now,back to the movie i was talking about.It has its plot in a country located in the blessed land of Africa,West Africa to be precise.They now are one of  the growing industries in the country,and are increasingly gaining recognition and reputation the world over.

 Where am i going with all these?you ask yourself now,read this…the movie showcases the African family the world sees after the death of the man of the house.Supposed sufferings,hardship,penury you might want to add.See,there is more to the life of Africans than meets the eye.This is not a save Africa campaign,i am still talking about the movie.

So many lessons i learn t   during the time i watched the movie,one of which is DO NOT CONDEMN SOMEONE BECAUSE THEY SIN DIFFERENTLY.Life is a teacher they say,live and learn.A poor man is not a man without money,but a man without ideas,dreams,clear-cut vision.In the next post,i would certainly start from where i chose to stop now…



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