4 tips on how to get the whole thing.

 The art of assumption has so much taken over so many people the world over.No one seems to be patient enough to be able to get the whole information,we just get the beginning and our minds complete the rest.So many a time we jump into hasty and  incorrect conclusions just because we refuse to get the whole information.It is important we learn to listen carefully as it gives the person talking a lifting.

Have you ever been talking to someone,really sharing your heart with them,and they seem distracted?They keep looking at other people and they have a far-away look in their eyes,hurts,does it not?You,do your friends or family ever say Are you listening to me?.Healthy relationships are based on good listening skills.Listen to one person at a time and accompany your listening with direct ,focused attention,so that you get everything you need to advise the person with or to correct yourself

A great strategy for careful listening might include:

  • Eliminate distraction: find a  place void of noise and much movement.
  • Focus on the person: no phone calls,text-messaging,chatting or reading while listening.This has become common today.
  •  Use eye contact: some people like it,it shows them you are with them.
  • Use appropriate examples to affirm your understanding: it shows you are getting what is being said.

There is no over emphasizing the importance of listening.It is said,knowledge speaks,wisdom listens.When we talk,we are exposing our hearts.When we listen,we see inside the soul of another human.



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