End Product…

Orientation:Do not engage in any law violating activity…The death sentence could  be invoked if  need be…A lot of  stories and experiences over the years for Nigerian students abroad…

For the success of  any Country,rules are stipulated and implemented to curb,correct,and sometimes lay foundations for sustainable growth and development…Now bodies in these countries also go further in giving their own rules…A country i know says that “A foreign student may be deported or imprisoned for the  benefit of  national security,public order,to safeguard the morals and health of the citizens”.

The case of violence and death, and police matters has gained so much interest over the years …What is the hope of  the common Nigerian student abroad?what are the provisions made to ensure his safety,prolonged stay and pursuit?or is he just a rat in a room full of snakes?

Recently,as i posted earlier a Nigerian student Olaolu Femi was reportedly arrested on the 5th day of Nov 2011,for what an eyewitness said to be an act of self defense.It is now the 9th month, this Citizen of the Federal Republic Of  Nigeria is yet to be charged to court…Efforts have been made,protests organized,Olaolu is still behind bars.There are so many twists to this event…

In Malaysia on the 3rd of Oct 2007,two Nigerian students Olugboja Emmanuel Olawale and Abbas Alhaj were found dead in their room.As much  as was released,no arrests was made whatsoever in connection to the deaths of these young Nigerians…The two were business information systems freshmen at University College Sedaya International (UCSI).The Police believed the deaths to be caused by drug abuse,no conclusive report was given…

What is the way out for the Nigerian student abroad?,there are so much stories yet undisclosed…When would the victimization stop?what option is there for these students to explore to ensure safety?




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