Your role…

Some many things tend to come to you when you are on a quest.My last post was about a group of students who left TEREHOVKA  for Gomel all in Belarus,this is about what happened in Gomel…

These students got to Gomel by 6.15am that morning of 31August 2012,all tired and worn out but with a mission.Did i forget to say that it was their visas they went to renew?oh yes,their visas…By 8.05am that morning they were already at the immigration office,after the officer’s there got to know the reason these students stormed the office early in the morning they directed them to a place where the visas could be renewed.

This process took a whole day,finally they were told to come back on a later date to get the document…Information is power they say,but i believe that you have to be well informed.Rumors started that these students who came back were going to be deported back to their various countries.At this moment,everybody said something,fellow students who heard of their plight all had somethings to say.Most of them talking behind the students in view…

Some of the students kept their calm,while other’s where too busy listening to the students who told them how precarious their situation was.At this point,i would like to say that it is better to encourage someone in a hopeless situation than to tell him how hopeless the situation is,the person already knows…After much,all became settled as the right information was passed across,eliminating the rumor and giving hope…

Now it is more human to shut up than to mock,or should i say dampen the spirit of someone who is already in a seemingly dark spot…



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