On their way to Kharkov Ukraine from Minsk Belarus,by train a 14hr journey,a group of students met what they least expected or should i say what they felt to be nothing…A document they failed to renew became their hindrance,they were denied entrance to Ukraine and sent back to a city called Gomel,in Belarus to get their visas updated.

Terehovka it was.The place these students were ordered down from their train,and were made to stay inside a hall used as a ticket shop,with their boxes outside.That night was cold they stood in a cluster for a while before heading to the somewhat warm hall,it was around in the morning…Many a train stop were made to stop at Terehovka for custom duties…

These students now are in Gomel to do what should have been done before they even left…Be it as it may,they have learnt and so should everyone…DO WHAT IS RIGHT,NOT WHAT IS LEFT…Terehovka holds enough memory not just for these students,but also for whoever who has felt the sting of  TEREHOVKA…


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