4 ways to limit the self destructive machine…


Terrorism,a systematic use of terror intended for coercion.A growing threat to nations the world over,many countries have at a point felt the heat of terrorist activities.Many people are worried about the rate at which terrorism has been growing around the world,the question is,what is to be done about it?

War against terrorism is almost proving abortive as terrorism seems to grow daily and more people are becoming victims because of it.Certain factors contribute to the growth of this menace.Let’s see some of the possible factors;Unemployment,Injustice,Bribery and Corruption,Poverty…

There are seemingly possible solutions to help curb this ill;

Reduce unemployment:When people are unemployed and they don’t find a means to support themselves and their families they look for ways.They are offered huge amount of money and guarantee for support for themselves and families by terrorists.There is a need for nations of the world to create employment so that people will not tilt towards negative activities and could remain busy in their jobs.

End injustice: Where people don’t get speedy justice,they take laws into their own hands .When people don’t trust law enforcement agencies around,they tend to do it the way they like.Be it as it may,even in case where the rich gets richer and the poor poorer,the poor seeks food,shelter,and clothing,terrorism becomes an option to get back at the rich,and the government.If justice is readily and rightly given,if the poor is treated with a little bit respect,they may think twice before populating terrorist groups…

Bribery and corruption:A daily rise in corruption the world over has contributed immensely to the growth of terrorism.Some government officials are believed to be funding some of these terror outfits,while some are spies for the terrorists leaking security information.Terrorism now grows a bit more because people who are supposed to fight it,encourage it.If the evil of bribery and corruption is nipped in the bud,it would help limit the spread of terrorism

Poverty alleviation: This is another key factor.Lack of resources have pushed people to great extents,terrorism too.Strong measures are needed to alleviate the sufferings of the poor lest they are tempted to join any of the terrorist groups available.

Terrorism is not the way forward,it is not the best way of making your voice heard…



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