I want this…..

Daddy wants me to be a doctor,

Mummy wants me to be a geologist,she thinks it’s better

My friends want me to be more lively,active,

My siblings want me quiet,cool,and calm,

My grandmother wants me to be like dad,

My grandfather wants me to be nothing like dad.

I could go on,we could have an endless list if we want to,we know these things.

Many people want us to be many things,behave differently,hang out with a particular group,wear particular clothes,shoes,handbags etc..

My question,..what do you want?



18 thoughts on “I want this…..

  1. the person has to decide on what he/she actually want………..i think who you wanna be depends on YOU and it is only YOU can decide!

  2. i moved away young, lived a messed up life for years. tried to get help along the way but none of it was much help. met the love of my life, via miracle and got into some good therapy. i live far away now with no contact.

  3. Reblogged this on Wise Counsel and commented:
    Who do you want to be?
    If you don’t have an idea, then get ready to drift like a reed!
    View the full post and see how different people have different expectations for us.
    We’ve got to have some expectations for ourselves or we would be pushed into confusion.
    What do you think about what you want and what people want for you?

  4. yes yes, society and people around us are always labeling us and preparing us for the “best” path. but i have to admit, it’s sometimes tiring to be yourself.

  5. The pressure on us to people different versions of other people’s life is REAL.We’ll never be happy until we are what we want and were made to be. I loved this Write!

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